La Maison by GTS

La Maison by GTS is an incoming agency (DMC) specialized in the organization of events on the French Riviera in the MICE sector: incentives, reward trips, executive committees, seminars, accompanying of congressmen and in high-end individual trips.

Added value

With nearly 50 years of experience in the creation, preparation and organization of incentives, conventions & events, La Maison by GTS is recognized in the tourism and transportation industry for its professionalism and creativity. Attentive and efficient, the team strives to exceed the needs of its clients by proposing tailor-made and out-of-the-box solutions. Composed of varied and complementary profiles, the entire team manages your projects from A to Z.


Founded in 1974, La Maison by GTS was born from the passion of a creative and motivated team. Originally a family business, it is now part of a DMCs French group. La Maison by GTS has always been located in the heart of the Riviera, in Nice, to be at the heart of its local partners & feel the beat.

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Incentives & activities

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Phone: +33 (0)4 92 29 50 00
Monday - Friday from 09.00 to 18.00
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81 rue de France, 3rd floor | 06000 NICE, FRANCE

Travel Agency registration number: IM075140048.

Member of the APST (Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity), 15 rue Carnot, 75017 Paris, France, guaranteeing all funds paid by the clients to the agency. APST protects the clients and contributes to the respect of the laws and regulations. Our membership to the APST proves our commitment to a quality and safety approach offering all the guarantees required for the organisation of your event.

Professional Liability Insurance: HISCOX EUROP


A company of the LMNH Group - The reference for DMCs in France.

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GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE AND USE (last updated on 09/06/2023) - translated in English for information only

1 - Preliminary

NACARA DESTINATION MANAGEMENT is an incoming agency specialized in organizing business travel.

These present general terms and conditions of sale ("GTC") apply to contracts for business stays ("Contract") concluded between NACARA DESTINATION MANAGEMENT ("DMC" or "Agency") and one or more clients ("Client").

In accordance with Articles L211-7, L211-17-3, L211-18 of the Tourism Code, the mandatory provisions of the aforementioned Code concerning the sale of travel and holiday packages, professional liability, and financial guarantee do not apply to contracts offered by the DMC to the Client.

The GTC aim to define the reciprocal contractual commitments of the parties. They apply to all services offered by the DMC ("Services") unless otherwise specified in the special conditions ("Special Conditions") that may be stipulated, with the latter prevailing in case of interpretation conflicts.

It is specified that the DMC will enter into contracts with various service providers ("Providers") such as hotel reservations, evening venues, restaurants, and transportation in order to carry out its Services, which the Client accepts.

2 - Conclusion of the Contract

The Services and their prices are determined by the DMC in a document called Proforma ("Proforma").

The Client is deemed to have accepted the Contract upon acceptance of the initial estimate ("Budget"). Following this acceptance, the DMC sends the Client a Proforma. Acceptance of the Budget implies adherence to these GTC without restriction or reservation, as well as to any specific Special Conditions that may be stipulated, typically appearing in the Proforma.

The clauses provided in correspondence or on commercial documents from the Client cannot cancel or modify these GTC or Special Conditions.

The DMC will only be bound by the Contract upon receipt of the first installment.

The price of the Services indicated in the Budget is a guaranteed minimum package for the Agency. Any modifications to the Budget, related to additional services, changes in the total number of participants, or schedules, may result in the issuance of a modified Proforma. The rates of the services are those in effect on the day of sending the last Proforma to the Client. The DMC may also exceptionally revise the prices after the sending of the last Proforma in the event of circumstances beyond its control and for which it cannot be held responsible, such as tax increases (tourist tax).

At the end of the execution of the Contract, a final summary invoice ("Final Summary Invoice") will be sent to the Client.

3 - List of Participants

The Agency must receive the list of participants no later than 21 days before the start of the Service.

4 - Specific Provisions for Different Categories of Services

Unless otherwise specified in the Special Conditions that may be applicable, the Client undertakes to comply with the following obligations.

Accommodation: The Client may check in at hotel reception starting from 5:00 PM on the day of arrival and must vacate the rooms by 10:00 AM on the day of departure.

Meals: Unless a menu imposed by the chef, the choice of menus must be confirmed 21 days before the event date. Beyond this date, the hotel can no longer guarantee the initially selected services.

Musical Performances: The Client undertakes to comply with the rules regarding the intellectual property of said performances. The hot meals of the artists, entertainers, and any external participants will be at the expense of the Client. The Agency reserves the right to carry out photo and video coverage during the event and to distribute them on any commercial document for its own marketing purposes only (website and brochures), unless otherwise specified in writing in the Contract.

5- Cancellation Conditions

Any cancellation, whether partial or total, of the Services must be communicated by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email.

It is specified that in the event of the Client's failure to comply with the obligations necessary for the performance of the Services, including payment deadlines to the Agency, the Contract will be considered canceled by the Client.

In the event of cancellation by the Client, the deposits paid will remain acquired by the Agency. In addition to retaining the received deposits, and unless otherwise specified in the Specific Conditions, the Agency will be entitled to demand payment of the entire amounts specified in the Proforma from the Client, as well as any penalties and interest stipulated.

It is specified that cancellation fees and payment conditions are calculated based on the arrival date in business days.

Any rescheduling will be considered as a cancellation. However, the Agency undertakes to best defend the Client's interests with all parties involved in order to minimize the amount of penalties applied in case of rescheduling within a period of 3 months.

In the event of cancellation by the Agency, the Agency undertakes to offer the Client a substitute Service of a similar or superior level at the same price, which the Client cannot refuse.

In the absence of a substitute Service proposal from the Agency, the deposits will be refunded to the Client.

It is the Client's responsibility to protect themselves against the consequences of sudden and unforeseen circumstances entirely beyond their control by taking out event cancellation insurance.

In the event of cancellation by the Agency resulting from a force majeure event or due to a third party, the deposits paid will remain acquired by the Agency. Force majeure is considered an event of this nature, including any accidental or catastrophic disaster, total or partial strike, or any measures issued by the administrative authority or public authorities, non-issuance of a visa, to the extent that these events make it impossible to perform the Contract or prevent its normal performance. In the event of cancellation or withdrawal by the Client resulting from force majeure events, no compensation will be possible, and the Contract's conditions apply.

6- Insurance - Responsibilities

The Agency is covered by liability insurance from HISCOX (Professional Tourism Liability Insurance No. HA RCP0238884). The Client shall obtain all necessary policies to cover all effects and materials brought to the premises against any damages, including theft, during their stay on the premises, as well as to cover their liability towards third parties during the same period. The Agency disclaims any liability for damages affecting the said effects and materials.

In the event of a claim, the Client declares to waive all claims against the Agency and its insurers. Any damages resulting from the use of the equipment by the Client or any of its participants or any person authorized by the Client and made available by the Agency or an external Provider shall be fully charged to the Client upon presentation of the repair and/or replacement invoice.

The Client must comply with all safety instructions, the Highway Code, as well as all regulations applicable to all activities they are required to carry out.

The Client is duly informed hereby that the Agency does not propose, own, and directly control any of the Services, as the terms of these Services belong to and are controlled by the various Providers.

In general, the Agency shall only be liable for direct damages resulting from a breach of its obligations under these terms or any other contractual document.

In the event of the Agency's breach of its obligations under the Contract causing harm to the Client, the Agency's liability shall be limited to an amount corresponding to the invoiced amount under said Contract.

It is expressly agreed between the Parties that the Agency shall not be held liable for the following damages (without limitation):

Loss of profits related to any commercial damage, such as loss of orders, loss of business, loss of customers, loss of turnover, or anticipated savings;

Inaccuracies related to the information provided by the Providers, including their rates, schedules, services, or products offered;

Personal injury, death, or damage to property resulting from a breach by the Providers.

7- Exercise of the Right of Access

In accordance with the "GDPR" law, the Client has the right to access and rectify the information concerning them, which they may exercise by contacting: NACARA DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, 12 rue du Helder, 75009 PARIS. The Client may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of their data.

8- Jurisdiction

Any dispute or claim must be addressed to the Agency by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email with acknowledgment of receipt within eight days following the end of the organized event.

After this period, no dispute or claim will be considered admissible. In the event of a dispute, and in the absence of an amicable agreement, only the courts within the jurisdiction of the Agency's registered office shall have jurisdiction.

9- Acceptance by the Client

These General Terms and Conditions (CGV) are expressly agreed upon and accepted by the Client, who declares and acknowledges having full knowledge of them and thereby waives any reliance on any conflicting document, including their own General Terms and Conditions (CGA), which shall be unenforceable against the DMC, even if they were aware of them.

The fact that the Agency does not invoke, at any time, any provision of these CGV shall not be interpreted as a waiver by the Agency to invoke them at a later date.

In the event that any provision of the CGV is declared null or without effect, it shall be deemed unwritten, without affecting the validity of the other provisions.